Mid-Summer is the Best Time for Pavement Repair

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In a recent article for The National Post, celebrity contractor Mike Holmes advised readers that mid-summer is the “only” time for pavement maintenance and repair, as the hot weather means that new paving on a driveway or parking lot will dry faster. High temperatures also mean the material will expand; which provides better sealant.

Many property owners don’t realize the importance of properly maintained pavement when it comes to providing water drainage. Not only that, but having a poorly maintained parking lot can send the wrong message to customers and since summer is when employees tend to go on vacation, it will be less crowded.

Holmes also explains that it’s important to use the correct materials. Asphalt and concrete are the two most popular options for property owners because of the materials’ durability, but they require regular maintenance. He also recommends regularly resealing the area. However, doing so too often can cause issues, so he advises only resealing a parking lot or driveway every three years. One telltale sign that resealing or repair is needed is if the paving is beginning to crumble.

It's advised that property owners act proactively towards such signs in order that the structure of the pavement doesn't become compromised, leading to bigger more expensive repairs.

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Source: Holmes, M., “Mike Holmes; Mid-summer is the only good time to repair your driveway,” The National Post, July 3, 2015; http://news.nationalpost.com/homes/mike-holmes-mid-summer-is-the-only-good-time-to-repair-your-driveway.)

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