Linemarking FAQs

 How much notice do you need?
 We can be at your location with as little as 24 HOURS NOTICE if scheduling and conditions permit.
How often should I re-stripe my parking lot?
 Traffic, weather, chemicals and other factors can fade and deteriorate your parking lot over time.  Striping your lot annual / regular basis will keep your parking lot looking fresh, sharp, and clean as well as safe for drivers and pedestrians alike.
I am not sure of the local requirements for number of stall and sizing for Handicap parking.  Can you assist?
 Absolutely!  We maintain a database of all of the local Municipal Handicap parking regulations and stall sizes and configurations.  Be assured, when you entrust your Handicap parking project to us, it will be completed to full local and Provincial compliance and all applicable regulations.
I need to remove some lines in an area of my lot.  How can we do that?
 Most linemarking contractors are not properly equipped to remove lines permanently.  That said, they will usually resort to painting over the existing lines using black or grey paint and hope for the best.  Unfortunately, over time, the black or grey paint will wear off, exposing visible the original lines and creating confusion for those trying to navigate your lot.  Sure-Seal IS equipped with equipment specifically designed to remove traffic paint from asphalt and concrete in a rapid and cost-effective manner.  Black out paint can be used for temporary changes… but more often than not, your changes are permanent.  Choose the permanent removal option for your changes when required.  It is your cheapest option in the long run.
Is there a warranty?
 Yes, we guarantee our work for ONE YEAR and the paint products we use support this with manufacturers warranties.
What kind of paint do you use?
 SHERWIN WILLIAMS, Low-VOC compliant, Acetone acrylic Traffic Paint is used on all of our asphalt linemarking projects.  Traffic paints, specifically designed to adhere to concrete and stand up to heavy forklift traffic is specified for all industrial Warehouse projects.  We are happy to provide an MSDS report and specifications for all of our products.
What services do you provide for linemarking?
 We provide Custom layout of parking areas to your site drawing specifications.  We can also assist to design your parking layout to maximize your parking capacity as your need change.  We offer cost effective re-paint services of your existing layout and offer both standard and custom phrase stenciling (ie. “reserved”, “visitor”, “fire route”, “No Parking”, etc.) as necessary.  Stall numbering and curb painting services are also available.
When will the work be completed and will my business be disrupted?
 We aim to complete our jobs during off-peak or overnight hours to ensure MINIMAL DISRUPTION to your business. Even “around-the-clock” operations can be accommodated with proper planning and coordination.
Who is responsible for preparing the site?
 We include minor cleaning of the line painted area where necessary. It is ideal that the lines be painted within a few days of a complete site powersweep being completed, or in the case of an underground parking area, approximately 1 week after the spring powersweep and powerwash.  Please ensure that all major debris and obstructions (ie. vehicles, skids, trailers etc.) are removed before work begins.  This will help to ensure efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness.
Why should I re-stripe my parking lot?
 Maintaining your pavement markings will increase parking lot safety, optimize traffic flow and improve the overall appearance of your business.

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